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Introducing Morning Guides: A Better Way to Wake Up with Your Alarm Clock

May 2, 2023

It's 7:30 AM on a Tuesday, and you have things to do. But when your alarm goes off, you can't help but reach over groggily and fumble for the snooze button on your wake up alarm clock. Then, ten minutes later, you do it again. And again. 

Sound familiar? If it does, you certainly aren't alone. According to one study, 57% of Americans regularly hit the snooze button, which, the study calculated, works out to 3.5 months of the average adult life spent delaying an inevitable wake-up call. 

Several factors contribute to chronic "snoozing" and "re-snoozing." Restlessness, poor sleep, and anxiety about getting a good night's rest can contribute to a less-than-pleasant wake-up. Luckily, your Hatch sunrise alarm clock is the best alarm clock on the market to combat these sleep-related maladies. An impressive 87% of Hatch users said Hatch's wake up alarm products like the Restore 2 improved their sleep, while 69% of users reported waking up better-rested thanks to their Restore sunrise alarm clock.

While our line of sunrise alarm clocks are proven to help promote better sleep and better sleep habits, we know that waking up can still be quite the chore. Pesky conditions like sleep inertia can make getting out of bed in the mornings harder than needed, leaving us with unpleasant symptoms like grogginess, impairing cognitive ability, visual attention, and spatial memory.

The non-profit National Sleep Foundation lists "gentle waking" as one of the best ways to combat that dreaded sleep inertia and arise with the motivation and energy you need to meet the day. Of course, over here at Hatch, we already knew that, so we've carefully crafted our sunrise alarm clocks to gently get you up with natural sunlight tones and soothing wake up alarms that bring you into a state of wakefulness without the annoying jolt of traditional alarm clocks. 

That's not the only way we're working to improve your wake-ups and help you build a healthy morning routine, though. 

Morning Guides for Your Restore 2 Sunrise Alarm Clock

It's our job to ensure you're getting the best rest possible, and that's why we're so excited to announce our new line of guided Morning Guides, explicitly designed to help engage your brain, get your body moving, and leave you inspired for the day ahead. 

Each series of Morning Guides consists of short 3-5 minute episodes hosted by thought-provoking content creators and wellness professionals. The Morning Guide series cater to a variety of interests and are perfect for combatting grogginess and sleep inertia by feeding you fascinating, motivating tidbits as you rise to meet the day. With dozens of episodes per series and more on the way, these Morning Guides will help you create a fresh and healthy morning routine without even getting out of bed. 

Let's take a quick look at the Morning Guides available on your Restore or Restore 2 sunrise alarm clock. You might just meet your new wake-up buddy (and no, we don't mean your dog or your toddler). 

Looking Up with Tallen Gabriel

Portrait of Tallen Gabriel

When Tallen isn't jamming out on the upright bass as part of a folk trio, you can find them behind a typewriter tapping out on-the-spot or commissioned poetry. 

Tallen's Morning Guide, Looking Up, melds uplifting facts, cozy sentiments, and enchanting moments in Tallen's signature accepting and mindful tone. 

Rise motivated and aware with Looking Up's brief but edifying tidbits, enhanced by Tallen's friendly, soothing voice. You can learn more about Tallen and their many talents here

 Shine & Rise with Becca Pace

Portrait of Becca Pace

If you need a fun morning friend, look no further than former musical theater performer and current nationwide fitness leader Becca Pace. Becca's welcoming presence and relaxing yet upbeat cadence can help even the latest of risers get their feet on the floor. 

Becca's Morning Guide, Shine & Rise, uses her deep knowledge and love of fitness to take listeners through short, gentle movements and guided stretches that wake up both the body and the mind. 

Follow Becca on each lighthearted episode of Shine & Rise to ensure you've worked through all those nighttime cricks and cracks before you even get out of bed. You can learn more about Becca and the work she does here

Pop Cultured with Phoenix Carnevale

Portrait of Phoenix Carnevale

As an internationally recognized media personality, cage-side reporter, martial artist, actress, and fitness professional, Phoenix Carnevale has quite a resume, and her skillset is perfect for helping you overcome that morning drowsiness and conquer the day. 

Phoenix's Morning Guide, Pop Cultured, proves that life lessons don't always have to come from friends or loved ones. Join her every morning as she finds nuggets of wisdom in the world around us, ranging from the Wu-Tang Clan to Star Wars, and everywhere in between.

Expect relatable real-talk, motivating sentiments, and more than a hint of lightheartedness when you listen to Pop Cultured – the perfect way to start your day. Find out more about Phoenix and her many talents here.

The Reset with Kristin Condon

Portrait of Kristin Condon

Kristin, once a ballerina, now wears several hats as a multi-hyphenate artist, educator, and fitness/wellness expert. Through a life of unique experiences, she knows we all have the capability to create beauty and happiness in our own lives, and her Morning Guide, The Reset, is designed to help do just that. 

The Reset turns your wake up alarm into a motivating moment of reflection, focusing on resetting the preprogrammed toxicity we've all picked up living in today's world. Each short episode gives thought-provoking content promoting healthy mental habits using tools like breathwork, awareness, and the power of positive affirmations. 

If you're looking for a moment to collect and calm yourself with positivity before a full or hectic day, look no further than Kristin and The Reset. Learn more about Kristin and her work here.  

Jump Start with Dane Robinson

Portrait of Dane Robinson

Look, we get it; not everyone is a morning person – sometimes you need a kick in the pants to roll out of bed. Don't worry, though, because certified fitness professional Dane Robinson is here to help. A former professional football player, Dane spent the last decade-plus teaching group fitness classes and training private clients, and now he's going to help you rise and shine. 

With Jump Start, Dane strikes the perfect balance of gentle, positive, and upbeat. Each episode of Jump Start will turn your sunrise alarm clock into a motivational machine designed to engage and inspire you, fighting off that dreaded groggy morning with the help of a professional fitness coach. 

If you struggle in the mornings, let Dane give you the power you need to make the most of your day. You can learn more about Dane and his coaching here

Creating a Healthy Morning Routine with Your Sunrise Alarm Clock

Letting good sleep and waking up rested is all about creating good habits, and that's exactly what Hatch wake up alarm clocks are designed to do. Through repetition and science-backed sleep strategies, alarm clocks like the Restore 2 have allowed 75% of our customers to feel more confident about getting good sleep and waking up rested. 

With the addition of our new series of Morning Guides tailored to fit the needs of different sleep personas, the Restore 2 continues to differentiate itself as the best alarm clock choice for anyone who wants a good night's rest and a happy, productive morning.