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Rest+ 2nd gen

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Rest anywhere. Peace everywhere.

Make sleep magically simple with the portable dream machine that grows with your child

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Rest Go - Mint

One for sleep at home and the other for on the go with the Rest+ 2nd gen and Rest Go bundle. Now only $119.99 ($125 value)!

Everything Rest 2nd gen
has PLUS a backup battery

Rest Plus 2nd gen sits in a kids play area
  • Wherever their head hits the pillow

    Keep your little one dreaming, wherever they fall asleep when you bring Rest+ and its up to 12 hour battery into any room

  • Weather any weather

    In case of a storm, keep the nightlight on even if the house lights go out

For healthy sleep habits at every stage

Rest+ helps newborns sleep soundly, early-risers stay in bed, and bedtime battlers look forward to sleep

Hatch devices calm and help babies sleep

You've got their back, Rest+ has yours

  • When they sleep, you sleep

    Keep your little one dreaming throughout the night with continuous sounds like white noise, wind, rain, and lullabies

  • Brighten the night

    Make midnight feedings soothing and diaper changes soothing with a reassuring, calming glow

Create healthy sleep habits at any age

  • Sound Machine

    Keep your little one dreaming through the night with continuous sounds that help drown out any unwanted background noise

  • Night light

    Let your child choose their favorite color to drift off to and make bedtime a little more magical

  • Time-to-Rise

    Let your early riser know it's time to get out of bed with light and sound combinations

  • Intuitive Design

    Dimmable LED clock and quick-access buttons for night light and volume control make Rest easy to use

  • WiFi Controlled

    Adjust the volume of your Rest to keep them snoozing through the sounds of everyday life happening outside their door

  • Hatch+

    Access to a premium library of expert-curated sleep stories, modern lullabies, mini mindfulness moments and more

    Free Hatch+ trial included
  • Rest+ 2nd gen with Rest Go - Mint
Bundle of Joy

Bundle and Save: Rest+ 2nd gen and Rest Go

One for sleep at home and the other for on the go with the Rest+ 2nd gen and Rest Go bundle. Now only $119.99 ($125 value)!


Bedtime with Rest

See what your little one's routine could look like from bedtime to rise and shine

Sleep routine step in mobile app called 'Time-for-Bed'
Sleep routine step in mobile app called 'Wind Down'
Sleep routine step in mobile app called 'Sleep'
Sleep routine step in mobile app called 'Time-to-Rise'

Rest+ is a must-have for parents

In a sleep wellness survey, here is what real parents said about using Hatch kids products

Feel more confident in their ability to help their child get better sleep

72% of parents say their personal sleep has improved since using Hatch

Say their personal sleep has improved since using Hatch


Your all-access pass to the very best sleep.

Subscribe to Hatch+ for $4.99/month or $49.99/year so everyone in your home can unwind and build healthy sleep routines. Try it for free for 30 days.

  • Access music, stories and personalized goodnight notes to help your little one wind down and fall asleep easily

  • Build healthy sleep habits with engaging audio to make bedtime routines fun

  • Incorporate restful learning and development programming before bed at every age

Latest Hatch+ Releases

Infant Massage

Infant Massage

An interactive wind down that encourages parents to bond with their baby through nurturing touch.
Pajama Pop

Pajama Pop

Songs for kids that are music to a parent’s ears. Turn it up and wind down.
Goodnight, Starlight

Goodnight, Starlight

Say goodnight with Starlight, a magic star who travels to a home on a hill to help sleepy objects wind down.

Real Magic Moments

This thing is magic

“Not only does it help the baby stay asleep, it also knocks myself and mom out like a light too! The app is easy to use and makes getting our girl to sleep a dream.”


What's new with Rest

See how Rest 2nd gen products compare

Rest 2nd gen$59.99
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Rest+ 2nd gen$89.99
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Sound Machine
18+ sounds
18+ sounds
Control Remotely
check iconControl Remotely
check iconControl Remotely
Night Light
check iconNight Light
check iconNight Light
Sleep Library
check iconSleep Library
check iconSleep Library
Dimmable Clock
check iconDimmable Clock
check iconDimmable Clock
check iconTime-to-Rise
check iconTime-to-Rise
Add Caretakers
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check iconAdd Caretakers
WiFi Enabled
check iconWiFi Enabled
check iconWiFi Enabled
Battery BackupBattery Backup
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Great for
    Great For:
  • Babies
  • Toddlers
  • Big Kids
    Great For:
  • Babies
  • Toddlers
  • Big Kids


More info about Rest+

Technical Specs
  • Dimensions: 4"D x 4"W x 6.25"H
  • Weight: 13 oz
  • The Hatch Sleep app is available in the Apple App Store (iOS) and Google Play Store (Android). Please refer to each app store for minimum OS version requirements.
  • WiFi is required for setup. That said, your saved bedtime content will continue to run on your Rest without a WiFi connection.