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Wind down and build healthy sleep habits for everyone in your home with soothing light and engaging audio experiences.

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Hatch content: Ukulele Lullabies
Daily Gratitude
Botany and Blooms
Infant massage
Alejandro character on Hatch+
Pillow Talk: News from England
Ambient Overlook
Hatch content: Goodnight Starlight
Tuck-Ins: Note from Nana
Morning Rave
Opening Presence
A brightened Hatch Restore 2 & Hatch Rest device
A track playing on Hatch device shown via app UI elements
A track playing on Hatch device shown via app UI elements
A dimmed Hatch Restore 2 & Hatch Rest device
A track playing on Hatch device shown via app UI elements
A track playing on Hatch device shown via app UI elements
Stormy Ambiance on Hatch+ playing on Restore 2

Create nights and mornings to dream about

Design pre-sleep routines with light and sound cues to coax you to bed, then drift off to an ever-growing library of guided meditations, screen-free shows, and more.

My Evening screen on Hatch Sleep app showcasing Icelandic Waterfall sounds

Customizable Unwind routines lead you deeper and deeper into sleep. Just go into the app to choose your favorite colors, audio experiences, and how long you want them to play. Your Restore will do the rest.

Sunrise alarm to morning moment in Hatch Sleep app

Wake up energized with breathwork sessions, gratitude practices, and more.

Hear what's on Hatch+ Adult

i'll scroll 4 u

i'll scroll 4 u

Sophia scrolls so you don't have to. Listen as they dish on all the tea, Reddit threads, and Insta celeb updates.
The Dog Channel

The Dog Channel

Soothe your furry friend with a curated collection of tracks when you’re not around, from Cozy Acoustics to pet-friendly Color Noises.
Get Up and Slay

Get Up and Slay

It's time to Rise and Slay. RuPaul's Drag Race winner Jaida Essence Hall will kick off your morning with confidence.
A baby sleeps in a bassinet while listening to their Rest device

Make bedtime a dream — for you and your little one

Hatch+ unlocks a world of lullabies, stories, mindfulness moments, and more, all designed to build healthy sleep habits and help them rest easy.

A man reads a book while listening to his Restore 2 device

Head to the app to choose from recommended colors and engaging audio for sleep, or let your little one pick their favorites as you build consistent routines and bedtime independence.

Screens from the morning, sunrise alarm features in the Hatch Sleep app; featuring Hatch+ content

Bring your village to bedtime with Tuck-ins, a Hatch+ exclusive feature that allows friends and family to record and send your little dreamer a sweet goodnight story, lullaby, or just a hello.

Try out some Hatch+ Kids favorites

Goodnight, Starlight

Goodnight, Starlight

Say goodnight with Starlight, a magic star who travels to a home on a hill to help sleepy objects wind down.
Mari Mariposa

Mari Mariposa

Meet Mari, the bilingual monarch butterfly who loves adventure! Mari invites listeners to stretch, breathe, notice and reflect on parts of their own day.
Peaceful Bodies

Peaceful Bodies

Help your little one focus their mind on a specific part of their body as they settle down to sleep.

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