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Pillow Talk - sounds on Hatch Restore 2
Nature's Echo and Music - sounds on Hatch Restore 2
Evening Embers: Light selection on Hatch Restore 2

Restore makes great sleep simple

Designed for your bedside table and engineered to help you build more restful routines and natural sleep habits, Restore has everything you need for your best night's sleep.

Inspired by nature, backed by science

Build healthy sleep habits for the rest of your life

Restore is a smart sleep clock that enhances your natural circadian rhythm, so you can get your best sleep. From soothing sleep sounds and calming colors at night to a gentle sunrise alarm in the morning, Restore helps you create your healthiest sleep habits.

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Wind down - Hatch Restore 2 on nightstand.
Your restful ritual, from sunset to sunrise

How Restore supports your best sleep

See how Restore's science-backed routines effortlessly send you to slumberland.

  • Unwind routine on Hatch Restore via the Hatch app.

    Unwind Nightly

    Customizable steps help you wind down for sleep. Choose from colored lights, soothing sounds, or both. Control the order and length of each step to create your perfect sleep mood.

  • Cue to unwind on Hatch Restore via the Hatch app.

    Sleep Deeply

    Expert-designed soundscapes block out background noise and provide the perfect backdrop for you to drift deeper and deeper into a restful sleep.

  • Unwind routine on Hatch Restore via the Hatch app.

    Wake Gently

    A gradually brightening sunrise wakes you the way nature intended, so you can rise refreshed — and without a jarring phone alarm.

Unwind routine on Hatch Restore via the Hatch app.
Cue to unwind on Hatch Restore via the Hatch app.
Unwind routine on Hatch Restore via the Hatch app.

What Hatch Restore sleepers say

Say their personal sleep has improved
Say Restore helps them be their best self
Feel more confident on getting better sleep
Say they feel better rested
Data from a binannual Sleep Wellness Impact survey conducted by Hatch with n=1000 Restore and Restore 2 customers in October 2023
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Unwind your way

Great sleep starts before bedtime

Carve out the time your body and brain need to de-stress and disconnect from the day with a regular Unwind routine.

Coax your body to bed

Soothing lights and sounds set the mood for sleep each night, telling your body and mind it's time for bed.

Craft your routine

Choose from an ever-growing library of phone-free audio experiences — from natural soundscapes, true crime tales, and beyond.

Drift off

Unwind as your favorite colors, sounds, and stories lead you deeper and deeper into a restorative sleep.

Restore 2 in all three colors

Designed to put you to sleep

Restore comes in three bedroom-friendly colors: Latte, Putty, or Slate.

Rotating view of Hatch Restore 2 in Latte color

Meet your smart sleep clock

Science on the inside. A timeless, calming design on the outside.

Dark room with Hatch Restore 2 clock time display

Keeps your room restful

Your Restore stays dark so you can stay relaxed. Tap the front of your device to show the time.

Sunrise alarm to morning moment in Hatch Sleep app

Built for sleepy hands

Be as groggy as you like — Restore's big buttons are hard to miss.

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