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Restore 1 (2020 Model)

Unwind with ease: Our curated content Channels use music, dreamscapes, guided rest exercises, and sleep stories designed for an easy transition into sleep.

Stay asleep longer: Block out noise and disruptions with pink noise, light rain and many more background sounds to help you tune out any distractions that might keep you awake.

Wake up feeling refreshed: Feel restored in the morning with a gradual sunrise light and selection of sounds like morning birds, meditative flute or relaxing chimes without the jarring phone alarm and screens.


Risk Free 60-night money-back guarantee!

How it works

What's Included

  • Restore 1 device

    Routines for wind down, sleep, and wake up to leave you feeling refreshed

  • Exclusive Channels

    Curated sleep content like relaxing soundscapes, stories, and mind/body exercises

  • 60-night money-back guarantee

    If you don't love your Restore 1 after 60 nights, we'll take it back.

  • Sunrise alarm

    Wake gently with a sunrise alarm light that can double as a nighttime reading light

  • Soothing sleep sounds

    Mask sounds and disruptions with music, white noise, and more

  • First 30 days free!

    Prepare your mind and body for deep sleep with Channels on Hatch+.

Self care starts with Restore 1. Here's how.

In a clinical trial, here is what working professionals said after using Restore 1 for just two weeks:

  • 50%

    exercised more

  • 59%

    felt less stressed

  • 24%

    more energy than before

* Results reflect the findings of an IRB-reviewed clinical trial on Hatch Restore 1 in June 2021.
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    "Keeps you sleeping all night"
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    "...for parents who could really use a night of uninterrupted sleep sometime this century."



Technical Information

Technical Specs
  • Dimensions: 7.5 x 2.75 x 5.75 inches
  • Weight: 19 ounces
  • ABS Plastic and LED lights with fabric
  • Free app available in Apple App Store and Google Play Store (Android 7 Nougat or higher)
  • Wi-Fi connection required