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Restore 2

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Your bedside sleep guide

Sleep the way nature intended with a gentle sunrise alarm and soothing sleep sounds, all rolled into one beautiful dream machine. Build your restful routine with Hatch, from sunset to sunrise.

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Make sleep your simplest self-care routine

  • Sunrise alarm

    Wake up gently to a sunrise that supports your natural circadian rhythm.

  • Sleep sounds

    Sleep deeply and drown out background noises with sleep sounds inspired by nature and backed by science.

  • Bedside light

    Set a dreamy mood with a light color like Lilac or Warm White to cue your body for bedtime.

  • Minimalist design

    Designed for your bedside table, built for sleepy hands – now available in 3 natural colors.

  • Rest & Rise buttons

    Easily begin your nighttime routine or turn off your morning alarm with a single press of a button, phone free.

  • Alarm sounds

    No more jarring alarms - wake up to soothing sounds like "forest birds" or "morning singing bowl"

Sleep deeply

Leave midnight disruptions and 3 AM wake ups in the past with science-backed sounds like light rain and white noise to keep you snoozing.

Your all-access pass to the very best sleep.

Subscribe to Hatch+ for $4.99/month or $49.99/year so everyone in your home can unwind and build healthy sleep routines. Try it for free for 30 days.

  • Make your time before bedtime special with customized Unwind routines

  • Access new content weekly for more delightful rests and wake-ups

  • Drift to sleep with entertaining Pillow Talk episodes, music, meditation and more

  • Find the right sleep guidance for any mood

Stars Above the FireStars Above the Fire

Evening wind-downs

Leave your busy day behind and relax before bed with soothing music, stories, and more.

Looking upLooking up

Morning moments

Take a minute before you get out of bed to feel inspired and ready to start your day.

Here is what customers said after using their Restore:

  • 83%

    sleep improved

  • 75%

    more confident on getting better sleep

  • 69%

    felt better rested

Restore 2 with sunrise alarm; Restore 2 is unlitRestore 2 with sunrise alarm; Restore 2 is unlit
Restore 2 with sunrise alarm; Restore 2 is illuminatedRestore 2 with sunrise alarm; Restore 2 is illuminated

Simple, soothing design

Gentle, diffused sunrises and sunsets

with big, tactile buttons


Full of content to help you relax before bed.


Gentle alarms and motivating morning moments.

Restore 2 - Hardware alarm switch toggleRestore 2 - Hardware alarm switch toggle
Restore 2 - Hardware alarm switch toggleRestore 2 - Hardware alarm switch toggle

Alarm toggle

Easily turn your morning alarms on and off.

and a clock that doesn't
light up your room at 3 AM

Restore 2 with dimmable clock; clock illuminated
Restore 2 with dimmable clock; dimmed completely

Dimmable Clock

Keep your room dark and tap
anywhere to see the time.



Technical Information

Technical Specs
Dimensions: 7.5 x 2.75 x 5.75 inches Weight: 19 ounces Material: ABS Plastic and LED lights with fabric
Free app available in Apple Store and Google Play Store Wi-Fi connection required

Make space for rest.