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Hatch Restore 1 (2020 Model)

Restore 1 (2020 Model)

Healthy sleep starts here

Feel restored in the morning with a gradual sunrise light and selection of sounds like morning birds, meditative flute or relaxing chimes without the jarring phone alarm and screens.

How it works

What's Included

  • Restore 1 device

    Routines for wind down, sleep, and wake up to leave you feeling refreshed

  • Exclusive Channels

    Curated sleep content like relaxing soundscapes, stories, and mind/body exercises

  • 60-night money-back guarantee

    If you don't love your Restore 1 after 30 nights, we'll take it back.

  • Sunrise alarm

    Wake gently with a sunrise alarm light that can double as a nighttime reading light

  • Soothing sleep sounds

    Mask sounds and disruptions with music, white noise, and more

  • First 30 days free!

    Prepare your mind and body for deep sleep with Channels on Hatch+.

What's new

Discover all the new features on Restore 2 compared to the original Restore.

Restore compared to Restore 2Restore 2 compared to Restore
Restore 2
Timeless Design
Soft mesh textile
Opal dome light
Mechanical buttons
Restful Design
Natural linen
Soft diffused light
Big tactile buttons
Tap for time
Classic color
Natural bedroom-friendly colors
Soothing audio
1 speaker
Rich soothing audio
3 speakers
Remastered sounds
Sunrise alarm
Sunrise alarm
10 new sounds
Calming sunset*
Calming sunset*
New light & sound pairings
Sleep sounds
Sleep sounds
21 new sounds
Morning moment*
Get inspired before you seize the day
*Included with Hatch+

Self care starts with Restore. Here's how.

In a clinical trial, here is what working professionals said after using Restore 1 for just two weeks:

  • 50%

    exercised more

  • 59%

    felt less stressed

  • 24%

    more energy than before

* Results reflect the findings of an IRB-reviewed clinical trial on Hatch Restore 1 in June 2021.