Rest Mini - Smart Sound Machine

Rest Mini

Smart Sound Machine

Create calm and soothe your little one to sleep by blocking out unwanted noise during nap time, bedtime, or any time.

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Soothing sounds for dreamy sleep

  • illustration of TV set
    White Noise
  • illustration of ocean
  • illustration of rain cloud with rain drops
  • illustration of wind gusts
  • illustration of a water
  • illustration of a bird
  • illustration of clothes drying machine
  • illustration of a heart

Set your little ones up for sleep success.

Help ease them into a sleep routine based on the science of building healthy habits. Soothing sounds and stories designed just for babies and kids will make bedtime easier for them (and you).

  • Sleep content for every stage and age

    Helps newborns sleep soundly, early-risers stay in bed, and bedtime battlers look forward to sleep

  • Thoughtfully curated by sleep experts

    A massive, ever-growing library of powerful sleep content curated for all your child's sleep needs.

  • Sleep for one. Sleep for all.

    One account is all it takes for sleep peace-of-mind, whether you're a new parent or a seasoned one.


Parents deserve great sleep too

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