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The Sleepless State of Moms

April 21, 2022

The best ever. Professional baby wrangler. Fulfilling. Exhausting. Demanding. Warrior of love. Rewarding. Someone’s whole world. Sleep-deprived. Doer of all. Motherhood is a role that encompasses a beautiful range of experiences and emotions.

We asked 5000 mothers about what it’s like to be a mom. Questions included everything from describing motherhood in a few words, to their sleep habits, and what they really, (yes, really) want for Mother’s Day.

What did we find?

Diagram showing statistics that 98% of moms say they prioritize the sleep of others over their own and they get on average 5.7 hours of sleep
  • 98% of the moms surveyed shared that they prioritize someone else’s sleep above their own. And they are tired. Moms report getting on average 5.7 hours of sleep per night.
  • That's 2.2 hours below their partners and 1-3 hours below the recommended amount. In fact, 88% of moms generally feel like they do not get enough rest!
  • 34% of moms say their ideal Mother's Day includes sleeping in or a nap.

When we asked mom what it means to be a mom, they said:

Word map of what moms replied including: love, patience, sacrifice, and responsibility

We also polled moms on how they show themselves self care — we’re big proponents of finding time for yourselves when you can. The most common self-care moments for those we surveyed stated that:

Self-Care in 5 minutes: Drink water, a cup of tea, coffee! coffee! coffee!, or a glass of wine

Self-Care in 30 minutes: Get some fresh air, do yoga, go on a daily walk, practice their bedtime routine, take a long, hot shower

To treat yourself: Pedicure, face mask, a spa day, and — bubble baths

To just chill: Watch tv, lounge on the couch, take phone scrolling time, nap

And one of our favorite self-care moments we learned from the survey was asking for help from a partner.

What was our biggest takeaway from our survey of 5000s moms? They are tired.

Gifting a Hatch Restore for a mom in your life is one way to guarantee she gets some more rest. Combining a sound machine, sunrise alarm, meditation app, and an alarm clock — the Restore allows moms everywhere to program a routine to help them wind down, rest, and wake up refreshed.

With various sleep sounds, a meditation library, and a collection of sleep content, the Restore can help moms rest before bed or whenever they have time to snag a few minutes.

We believe it’s important that we acknowledge the complications that can arise when we talk about Mother’s Day. In our survey, we heard from mothers who had recently lost their own mothers, from mothers who had experienced a miscarriage, and those who have a complex relationship with the term “Mom” too. Here’s what some of you shared:

“Since my mom passed away, I still do something each year to honor her.”

“Be gentle - it is a hard day for many and has been for me for many years. I still have complicated emotions regarding it even though I finally became a mom through adoption.”

“This is a complex day for non-binary parents.”

“It’s such a mixed holiday for so many, who have broken relationships, dead mothers, are going through infertility, etc. I don’t really feel like I deserve to celebrate it.”

You don’t have to be actively parenting to be a mom. Mother’s Day is also for those who have lost children, are birth mothers, are struggling with infertility, and the sisters, cousins, friends, family, and people in the community who help raise the kids in their lives.

Beautiful. Messy. Stressful. Joyous. Cuddles. Cries. Raw. The greatest privilege. 24-7 love and exhaustion. The Moms, motherly figures, and cool, nurturing people in your life all deserve the gift of rest this Mother’s Day!