We spoke with night owl and self-described workaholic, Shikha Singh, about giving herself permission to hit pause and winding down with Restore. She uses Restore's new Sunsets, (our most requested feature) to help ease into rest after her busy days.

Her bedtime routine shows us that it's important to let go of that mental to-do list before sleep. It can take time to learn how to clear your mind, but with a consistent routine more restful nights are on the horizon. Read on for Shikha's wind down inspiration, so you can build a bedtime routine that’s uniquely yours. 


1. ) Would you consider yourself an early bird, night owl or something else?

Definitely a night owl. 

2. ) Where does your mind go before bed? What keeps you up?

I love my work and dedicate a lot of time to it, so I’m usually thinking about that. Being a content creator means I’m always on my toes to come up with new ideas and stay on top of trends. I also spend a lot of time planning, shooting, editing, and posting the content I make. My work fulfills me, and is something I actually look forward to, but I do tend to think a lot about my to-do list. Some might say I'm a workaholic.

3). How do sunsets inspire moments of rest for you?

For me, sunsets are a conclusion. They instill a sense of completion for my day, and help me feel ready to wind down. There’s nothing better than ending a busy day by watching the sun go down. I find it so calming and it gives me permission to start to take things slow.

4). Where do sunsets transport you? Is there a sunset that sticks out in your mind?

When I think of sunsets, I think of spending time with my friends by the sea. I am instantly transported to the beach, sitting along the coast. The air is clear and calm, and I can hear the waves gently crashing on the sand. I love looking out on the water as the sky starts to change – the mixture of warm and cool colors is just so beautiful. 

5). Show us your Hatch routine! Walk us through what you do to wind down before bed and wake yourself up in the morning.

This is my routine that I use most nights. Sometimes I’ll customize a bit depending on my mood that day, but I tend to stick to a similar structure. 

My first step is actually getting into bed. As a night owl, I tend to have a hard time shutting my brain off at night. I’ve found that keeping my wind down steps pretty consistent helps me prepare to put the day behind me. So I try to get into bed by midnight most nights.

I start by reading for 30 minutes. I usually choose paper books, but now and then I’ll read an article I found that day on my phone. I use the Coral light for reading because I like the warm pinky glow and I usually play Ocean sounds in the background to get rid of any of the street noise outside my apartment. 

Next, I have my dedicated wind down. I really love using the light on my Restore in this step. I use a Sunset called Lunar Dusk that changes from orange to deep indigo, and reminds me of sunsets over the ocean. I pair this with the Restful Meditation channel to end my day with mindfulness. After 10 minutes I’m usually already asleep!

Then my sleep sound starts. I play pink noise overnight, which I find is just right to drown out any background sounds in my bedroom. 

For my wakeup, I love a natural alarm, like chirping birds. It feels like I’m starting my day with peace and calm. Waking up with light from a sunrise alarm helps me feel more awake in the mornings and ready to begin the day on a positive note.


Give yourself permission to hit pause

Sunsets on Hatch Restore help Shikha get better sleep by helping her set aside time to unwind before bed. She's able to clear her mind and put away her to-do list, while her personal sunset transitions into rest. Thank you for sharing your story, Shikha!  

Hatch exists to help you make space for rest in your life. Learn more about how Hatch Restore can help you unwind, sleep deep and rise rested.