Five! Four! Three! Two! One! After the holidays, the New Year arrives before we can sing Auld Lang Syne (so it seems). After the flurry of events subsides there’s more space for intentionality, reflection, and considering the year ahead. And you did it — you made it through the holidays even with the visiting, the cooking, cleaning, and wrapping of countless gifts while maintaining holiday cheer.

To help continue the celebration, we’ve rounded up a few ways to ease into the new year and help kick off 2023 as your most well-rested year yet!

1. Try to Prioritize Rest

Healthy sleep habits help us feel more productive, strengthen our immune system, and help our brain function, too. According to Sleep Expert and Mental Wellness Expert Liv Bowser, when we don’t get enough rest these parts of our lives can suffer. How do we prioritize rest and set the stage for a well-rested year to come? 

Prioritizing rest looks like getting in bed at the same time each night, turning off the TV instead of watching “just one more episode!” With the Restore you can program a whole bedtime routine — starting with a soothing light that turns on at the same time each night, signaling that it’s time to get in bed. We like “Warm White.” Twenty twenty-three is the year to elevate your sleep routine! 

2. Do Self Care Your Way

The (almost) magic salve to our busy lives, self-care can be life-changing. It doesn’t need to be a grand gesture — the intentionality behind it is what matters most. Spending even a few minutes a day meditating, going on a walk between meetings, or doing a few deep breaths before bed to take care of yourself can make a difference in your well-being. Set an alarm or add it to your work calendar to ensure it’s prioritized, visible, and won’t get canceled. This visibility might even inspire others to do some self-care, too!

3. Stop, Breathe, and Meditate 

Did you know just ten minutes of meditation a day can result in a calmer mind, relaxed body, increased focus, clarity, and more sense of empathy and compassion? Carving out time to meditate every day for just a few minutes can have a big impact.

The Restore has meditations and breath work exercises already preloaded on it in the “Relax with a Meditation” and “Breathing Exercises and Countdowns” channels, so it's easy to find a new favorite!

4. Create an AM and PM Routine 

Take a few minutes to write down everything you need to do before bed to have a restful sleep. Now, write down what things help you relax before bed. Maybe it’s turning off overhead lights at 9 pm each night and only using lamps or your Restore’s gentle lighting. Having a cup of calming tea while reading, or doing a quick bedtime, guided “unwind” meditation.  

Perfect! You’ve officially created your bedtime routine. The key to maintaining a successful bedtime routine is creating it before bedtime and staying open to changing it as needed if something no longer works for you.

5. Be Kind to Yourself

Making changes in your routine can be an adjustment! The most important part of starting a new routine in 2023 is being kind and patient with yourself as you adjust to forming new habits. Give yourself permission to alter your routine as you go, take on one aspect of a new routine each month, or simply take a step back and reflect before trying something new.

We’re confident you’re going to start 2023 with a bang, by doing what works best for you.

Let the new year begin!