Much like his audience, Alejandro is eager to grow grande, grande! He is enthusiastic and curious about the world around him. This bi-lingual caterpillar looks up to his big prima (cousin) Mari and is excited to one day flutter in her footsteps. 

Because he is an itty bitty caterpillar, Alejandro has to take things inch by inch. He moves slowly, noticing the little things. He also likes to take things munch by munch–snacking on milkweed to help him grow big and strong–as he explores. When new experiences make him wiggly, Alejandro takes a Peaceful Pause to get himself back on track.

Why toddlers love Alejandro

Toddlers show a desire for greater independence and a need to explore their world as they begin to establish their autonomy. In these years of discovery, so much of what they encounter is new and overwhelming. They have big emotions, but they don’t yet have all the words to express their thoughts. Toddlers enjoy simple songs, stories, and rhymes and they thrive on ritual and repetition.

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