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Making Your New Year’s Eve Kid-Friendly (and Fun!)

December 29, 2022

The excitement of the New Year will delight even your littlest ones — but the clock stroke of midnight can be a big stretch past their bedtimes. Here’s how you can have a fun-filled, kid-friendly New Year’s Eve!

1. Celebrate midnight (somewhere). Set the clock to midnight in a different time zone, like Brazil, complete with a countdown before their Rest 2nd gen’s light turns on to signify it’s time to get ready for bed. It’s a great opportunity to talk about geography and time zones, too, if age-appropriate!

2. Create a kid-friendly menu. Most little ones love to be involved in food preparation, and it can make a fun activity too. Help kids make funny faces on personal pizzas or bake a special dessert that they can only have on New Year’s Eve, like ice-cream sundaes.

3. Make memories with activities that they’ll remember for years to come. Build a fort to watch the “count-down” in or have everyone, adults and little ones alike, share one thing they’d like to do in the New Year.

When the countdown is over and fun has been had, the Rest 2nd gen can help wind your little ones down for the evening with their usual bedtime routine. And remember: New Year’s Eve is a fun night for celebrating, but whether you decide to stay up late with the whole family, or go to bed at your usual times, here’s to a 2023 full of fun and great rest!

Happy New Year from all of us at Hatch.