Summer is synonymous with fun and sunlight, friend gatherings, and family time during the long days. With camp, pool time, and play dates, it can be extra challenging to calm little ones at night and get them ready for sleep. We’ve launched the Rest 2nd Gen just in time for those wild summer nights, helping babies and big kids create healthy sleep habits and get some rest.

We chatted with Cari Hall, mother of three kids under four years old, and content creator. Here’s what she had to say about the necessity of coffee, how the Rest 2nd Gen helps her little ones stick to a nighttime routine, and some tips for parents navigating sleep with their little ones.

Tell us a little bit about yourself! 

I love living a natural lifestyle, but if I’m being honest, we are surviving on lots of coffee around here. I enjoy content creation, reading, and antiquing with my husband. 

What does a typical day look like for you?

A typical day with our family is mostly chaos. Haha. Having young children close together in age can be a little hectic. My kids thrive on schedules, so I try my best to have some semblance of one. Our days are filled with crafts, book reading, outdoor play, and a little (and, to be honest, sometimes a lot) of TV.

What are your biggest challenges in getting your little ones to sleep at night?

My kids often have a hard time winding down and we struggled to find a way to help them with that for a long time. Sometimes it’s hard figuring out what each child needs in terms of a schedule.

So, you’re one of our first users of the Hatch Rest 2nd Gen. What are your favorite aspects, and how does it help with the challenge noted above? 

I absolutely love the options for a wind down routine for the kids. The story times are so sweet, and my kids love being able to customize all the colors of the nightlight. The Hatch Rest 2nd Gen also has new intuitively designed buttons — now more easily accessible for sleepy parents. I am just in love with this new feature.

What tips have worked well for you that you can recommend to help other parents navigate sleep with their little ones?

Keep a routine! Our kids know exactly what happens at bedtime, so if we can keep their routine, they transition to bedtime well. I spent a lot of time with my first child doing what others said we should do when it came to her sleep.. but what truly worked was going with the flow and watching her cues. 

Would you recommend Hatch Rest 2nd Gen to other parents? Why?

I will always recommend Hatch products! They have improved my own sleep, as well as my children’s. Conveniently, all the features you need are all in one machine, it’s easy to use,  and fun for kids to take part in choosing their bedtime routine.

Anything else you’d like to share about parenting or your little one’s sleep?

To all the parents out there, remember that you are doing an incredible job. These younger years are tough, but absolutely nobody could love and care for your child the way that you do! 

Want to help your kids create healthy sleep habits? Check out the delightfully simple Rest 2nd Gen — we (and Cari) swear by it. When they sleep, you sleep, and that is a win-win!