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Dear parents,

Ah, sleep. It’s everyone’s favorite thing to ask parents about, especially when you’re holding your brand-new baby, or wrestling your wiggly toddler, or negotiating with your growing big kid. “How are they sleeping?” seems to be the first question parents get asked. Sometimes the answer is “awesome!” but sometimes it’s “eh, not so great.” And more often than not, you’re not sleeping great either. 

But there are moments when it all comes together — the kids, the sleep — when the stars align and the rest happens for everyone in the family. 

When talking to customers, we hear over and over again how parents can always point to that magic moment where Rest made getting rest for the family not just a dream, but a reality. Rest is of course, designed for babies and kids, but really, we built Rest for parents.

It’s the “aha” moments that have made Rest so beloved. When you realize that moments around sleep that had been trying, tricky, and tiring, turn into moments of delight, joy, and success, we’ve done what we’ve come here to do. We call them #magicmoments.

Our goal with Rest is to make you feel supported in all things sleep — the hard parts, the exhausting parts, the joyful parts. At Hatch, we understand that getting kids to sleep is one of the hardest parts of parenting, and we built Rest to make that hard part easier. We’re here to make you feel less alone, and more in control. 

Parents: You’ve got this. And we’ve got your back. We want to hear from you — about the sleep, the struggles, the wins, the magic moments. Tag us @hatchforsleep #magicmoments.