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Restore 2

2710 reviews

Sleep the way nature intended with a gentle sunrise alarm and soothing sleep sounds, all rolled into one beautiful dream machine. Build your restful routine with Hatch, from sunset to sunrise.

  • Sleep deeply with sounds inspired by nature, backed by science
  • Rise rested with the sunrise to support your natural circadian rhythm.
  • Put your phone to rest and use the Rise & Rest buttons of the Restore 2 phone-free.

How it works

  • 1. Choose your Restore 2 color

    With 3 natural colors designed for your bedside table and built for sleepy hands, pick the one that works for you.

  • 2. Customize your routine

    Set up an Unwind routine, perfected for your evenings, and wind down with science-backed audio and light experiences.

  • 3. Put your phone to rest

    Use the Rest and Rise buttons on your Restore to start your evening and morning routines. No jarring phone alarms needed.

  • 4. Feel energized

    Use your Restore to unwind in the evenings, and then wake up naturally with our sunrise alarm. Start the day on the right foot with Restore.

Here is what customers said after using their Restore:

  • 83%

    sleep improved

  • 75%

    more confident on getting better sleep

  • 69%

    felt better rested