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Restore 2 - Putty - front view illuminated

Restore 2

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Your bedside sleep guide

Sleep the way nature intended with a gentle sunrise alarm and soothing sleep sounds, all rolled into one beautiful dream machine. Build your restful routine with Hatch, from sunset to sunrise.


What's included

Restore device, power cord, quick-start guide,
30-night bedside trial

Make sleep your simplest self-care routine

  • Sunrise alarm

    Wake up gently to a sunrise that supports your natural circadian rhythm.

  • Sleep sounds

    Sleep deeply and drown out background noises with sleep sounds inspired by nature and backed by science.

  • Bedside light

    Set a dreamy mood with a light color like Lilac or Warm White to cue your body for bedtime.

  • Minimalist design

    Designed for your bedside table, built for sleepy hands – now available in 3 natural colors.

  • Rest & Rise buttons

    Easily begin your nighttime routine or turn off your morning alarm with a single press of a button, phone free.

  • Alarm sounds

    No more jarring alarms - wake up to soothing sounds like "forest birds" or "morning singing bowl"

Sleep deeply

Leave midnight disruptions and 3 AM wake ups in the past with science-backed sounds like light rain and white noise to keep you snoozing.

Elevate your rest with Hatch+

Take your rest to the next level with dreamscapes, music, guided breathing, and more. Whether you're unwinding from a busy day or preparing for the day ahead, our exclusive content can get you in the right mindset.

  • Counting sheep is out, drifting off to science-backed sleep content is in.

  • Set it once and let Restore play something new each night.

  • The library is constantly growing, so there's always something new to listen to.

Activate Hatch+ trial in app. Optional subscription starts at $4.99/month afterwards.

Stars Above the FireStars Above the Fire

Evening wind-downs

Leave your busy day behind and relax before bed with soothing music, stories, and more.

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Looking upLooking up

Morning moments

Take a minute before you get out of bed to feel inspired and ready to start your day.

Here is what customers said after using their Restore:

  • 83%

    sleep improved

  • 75%

    more confident on getting better sleep

  • 69%

    felt better rested

Restore 2 with sunrise alarm; Restore 2 is unlitRestore 2 with sunrise alarm; Restore 2 is unlit
Restore 2 with sunrise alarm; Restore 2 is illuminatedRestore 2 with sunrise alarm; Restore 2 is illuminated

Simple, soothing design

Gentle, diffused sunrises and sunsets

with big, tactile buttons


Full of content to help you relax before bed.


Gentle alarms and motivating morning moments.

Restore 2 - Hardware alarm switch toggleRestore 2 - Hardware alarm switch toggle
Restore 2 - Hardware alarm switch toggleRestore 2 - Hardware alarm switch toggle

Alarm toggle

Easily turn your morning alarms on and off.

and a clock that doesn't
light up your room at 3 AM

Restore 2 with dimmable clock; clock illuminated
Restore 2 with dimmable clock; dimmed completely

Dimmable Clock

Keep your room dark and tap
anywhere to see the time.



Technical Information

Technical Specs
  • Dimensions: 7.5 x 2.75 x 5.75 inches
  • Weight: 19 ounces
  • ABS Plastic and LED lights with fabric
  • Free app available in Apple App Store and Google Play Store (Android 7 Nougat or higher)
  • Wi-Fi connection required

Make space for rest.