Make with us

What We Look For

We seek out makers who take pride in their creations and want customers to feel proud owning them. Every item on Hatch is made by people who are creators, designers, artists, and makers first; sellers second. Craftsmanship trumps the bottom line. Process is just as important as the end result. We are looking for young creative businesses who are looking to grow. They may be a one-person operation now, but their aspirations run larger. Hatch can help you get there.

Why Hatch?


We handpick every one of our makers so you're always surrounded by the best. Hatch is not, and will never be, the site with the most makers. We're home to the best makers and we're committed to maintaining our standards of quality over quantity even as we grow.


On Hatch, you're the hero and our site is designed to help our customers get to know the person behind the products (that's you!). Our maker profile shows off your skills, gives customers a glimpse inside your studio, and highlights your making expertise. Our marketing initiatives always feature the maker alongside his or her products to help you build your personal brand.


We’re committed to helping your creative business grow. We've grown 600% in the past 6 months alone and hope to do the same for you. See below for a sample of regular marketing activities run by our team to help the world discover you and your work.

What We Do For You

Weekly Emails
We feature new makers, fresh products, and seasonal collections through weekly emails to our rapidly growing customer base.
500K+ Followers
We promote makers & products through our social media channels (currently 500K+ followers & growing).
Maker First
We launched 25 maker features in 2014 (that's 1 every 2 weeks) and constantly solicit feedback from you about how to improve your experience.
We enable customers to discover your work through seasonal and quirky collections and new product features (like the ability to find makers by skill).
Influencer Marketing
We submit your best items to sites that curate unique & well-designed products and can help organize giveaways and contests.
We pitch your products and personal making stories to bloggers and journalists from around the world.

Hatch Perks

Hatch Previews

With just a hashtag, show off the designs you’re working on through Hatch Previews. Makers who put their designs on Previews get significantly more shop visitors, subscribers, and sales. Learn more.

Our Support Team Works For You

We know our makers' studio time is precious, which is why our support team helps you chase down customers if you're missing any necessary info and sends reminders when a deadline is approaching to make sure nothing falls through the cracks. Plus, you always have a direct line to someone on our team who can help you with everything from setting up your shop to handling a tricky customer situation.

Tools That Make Your Life Easier

Want to run a marketing promotion to grow your customer base? We've got a tool for that. Going on vacation and worried about missing out on new customers? No problem, we've got you covered. Want to import your reviews from other platforms? Sure thing, we can do that!