Ready to ghost your snooze button?Ready to ghost your snooze button?

Ready to ghost your snooze button?

Introducing Restore 2,
your new dream sleep machine.

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Hi, We're Hatch

We design products to guide you as you find your way to rest. We've helped over 3 million sleepers make space for rest in their busy lives. Because at the end of the day, sleep is the kindest form of self-care.

Hatch in the press

"...for parents who could really use a night of uninterrupted sleep sometime this century."

Meet your new bedside sleep machine

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  • Calming sunset

    Leave your busy day behind as the light slowly dims.

  • Unwind gently

    To stories, music, dreamscapes, and guided rest.

  • Natural sunrise

    Your alarm isn’t your enemy when you wake to a gradual sunrise.

  • Morning moments

    Take a moment to get inspired before you get out of bed.

Our Featured Products

Hatch owners feel more rested and recharged

  • Restore 2 device

    Restore 2

    Carve out little moments for rest so you can create simple, healthy sleep rituals you'll look forward to from sunset to sunrise.
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  • Rest 2nd gen device


    Make sleep magically simple with the dream machine that grows with your child.
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Restore device on bedside table
  • Sunrise alarm

    Wake gently with a sunrise alarm light that can double as a nighttime reading light.

  • Exclusive content

    Curated sleep content like relaxing soundscapes, stories, and mind/body exercises.

  • Sleep sounds

    Mask sounds and disruptions with music, white noise, and more.

  • Reading light

    Unwind from your day before bed with a soft reading light.

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Restore device on bedside table

What Our Sound Sleepers Say

say their personal sleep has improved

find waking up more enjoyable

of parents report their personal sleep has improved

feel more confident in their ability to help their child sleep

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Sleeping with Ease Just a Tap Away

Set up your sleep rituals, choose your sunset and sunrise colors, and discover what content helps you unwind, sleep deeply, and wake up inspired all from your phone.

Millions of Sound Sleepers

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  • Toddler playing with Hatch rest
  • Mother and daughter playing on bed with restore on bedside table
  • Small child on bed with rest on bedside table
  • Bedside table with stuffed bunny, rest, and sign that says who run the world? girls.

I only woke up once in the past two nights.

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