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No more throwing glitter on a mason jar and calling it "making". With HatchKits, you'll sand wood, mix cement, drill holes, hammer nails. You'll make products that you can (and want to) actually use.







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Inside every HatchKit, you'll find all the materials you'll need, as well as easy to follow instructions that you can't go wrong with, so that you can spend less time planning and more time making!

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The First Batch

Deciding what to make for our first HatchKits was super hard - there are just so many awesome things we want to build! Here's what we ultimately decided to make first, right here at Hatch!

HatchKit: Make Your Own Wooden Beer Holder (DIY)

HatchKit: Make Your Own Wooden Beer Holder (DIY)

Great beers deserve a great home. In fact, all beers do! With some love and elbow grease, handcraft your very own wooden beer holder and always be the life of the party.


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HatchKit: Make Your Own Bamboo Knife Block (DIY)

HatchKit: Make Your Own Bamboo Knife Block (DIY)

Anyone that's ever made a delicious meal knows that cooking starts with a proper knife. Give your knives a proper home that is a cut above the rest by making your very own handmade bamboo knife block!


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