Hatch brings together the most talented, creative makers with customers from around the world who value true craftsmanship. We are a home to those who make their living by creating and those who believe in supporting small, independent businesses.

To ensure both our makers and customers have a great experience here, here are our community guidelines for all our Hatch explorers.


Sure, buying online is all the rage now, but that shouldn’t mean that communication is a lost art. We expect our makers to be responsive and set clear expectations for each part of their making process as much as we expect our customers to provide our makers with all the information they need to create a unique item just for them. We’ve got lots of tools to make communication easy for you, even when you’re on the go. Learn more.


Be mindful of your order, no matter which side of it you’re on. Our customers believe in value over discounts, in quality over quantity. Our makers are proud of their work and want you to feel proud owning it, which may require for you to review mocks or provide feedback on their work-in-progress, especially if you’re having something custom made. That’s why an order isn’t finished once payment is made; it’s finished once the customer receives a product they truly love and the maker has created an original item s/he can stand behind. Remember, these orders are created for and by a human being. From the first message to the final delivery, tread with compassion.


Customers love Hatch because they’re interacting with and supporting a person with a unique creative vision and a true skill. Some of our customers will seek out makers who can customize or personalize a product based on their ideas, and we want Hatch to be a safe space to unleash your inner artist. While we would never expect our makers to take on an order that clashes with their personal beliefs, we do expect every interaction to be handled in a collaborative and respectful manner. After all, some of our most popular products were brought to life by the maker & customer coming together to create something neither one could have made alone.

To learn more about how we select the makers that we include on Hatch, read our selection criteria.

No matter which side of the process you’re on, we have your back. The Hatch family keeps an eye on every person that passes through our community and we’re committed to making sure you enjoy the process of creating on Hatch as much as you love the items you create.