The Maker Marketplace

Founded in August of 2012 and based in New York City, Hatch is a marketplace for unique made-to-order products created by a community of handpicked professional designers and makers. Everything you discover on Hatch is made by creative small businesses with real people behind them.

Why made-to-order in a time of same-day delivery and mass manufacturing? Our makers are talented craftsmen & women who can make pretty much anything, and having these products made-to-order enables our users to customize or personalize them to have exactly what they want made just for them.

Our Makers

8,000,000+ collective hours spent making

projects completed

unique product variations


Our Team


Anastasia Leng

Co-founder & CEO

Anastasia spent five years at Google, working in New Business Development and Product Marketing. She moved to London to lead entrepreneurship efforts in Europe & the Middle East and was responsible for early-stage partnerships for Google Voice, Chrome, and Wallet.

She’s been a nomad all her life and has lived in Bahrain, Vietnam, Hungary, Russia, France, England, and the US.

She loves donkeys, is a mediocre tennis player, and once had a job packaging watches. Anastasia graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a triple major in Psychology, Sociology, and French.

John hails from Intent Media, where as a Principal Software Engineer, he developed an A/B testing framework to utilize multiple variable to quickly improve the efficacy of ads. Prior to that, John ran engineering at Real Girls Media, a startup acquired by the Meredith Corporation. John grew up in Brooklyn, NY.

John holds a BS in Computer Science from Columbia University, loves Cubano sandwiches, and is by far and away the best Googler in the office.


John Bae

Director of Engineering


Noah Fisher

Senior Software Engineer

Noah is a graphic designer and web developer. He grew up in Colorado playing music and exploring the Rocky Mountains.

Noah graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder with a BS in Mechanical Engineering and has strong opinions about what it means (and does not mean) to be a hipster.

Dale is a software engineer turned growth hacker. He’s a reformed consultant who thrives on A/B testing and data optimization, and who balances his consulting background with his engineering skills to constantly improve the effectiveness of everything we launch.

Dale graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a degree in PPE, loves corgis, and has the most colorful wardrobe on the team.


Dale Um

Growth Hacker & Software Engineer


Matt Hinger

Software Engineer

Matt is a software engineer who hailed from General Electric, where he spent 3 years working as an engineer in their Oil and Gas department. He graduated cum laude from Northwestern University with a degree in Computer Engineering and has lived in Chicago, Atlanta, Boston, and now Brooklyn, NY.

Matt has the honor of being the tallest Hatch employee (quite a feat on a freakishly tall team), always strolls into the office with a book in hand, and is known for his witty use of hastags in regular conversation.

Our Supporters

We're deeply grateful to everyone who continues to support our company and our mission.


  • Advisors:

  • Beth Ferreira

    Former Chief Operating Officer at Fab.com, former VP at Etsy

  • Robby Stein

    Product Management Director at Yahoo!, former CEO of Stamped

  • Anthony Flynn

    Author of “Custom Nation” and owner of YouBar

  • Riley Newman

    Head of Analyics & Data Science at Airbnb.com

  • Sophie Kleber

    Vice President of User Experience at HUGE

  • Ryan Hayward

    One of the original Hatch co-founders, Ryan is currently pursuing a JD at Columbia University Law School.